Frequently Asked Questions

You asked... We're answering

Do you take walk-ins?

      YES!! Walk-ins are always welcome, we just recommend coming in at least 90 minutes before closing. If you have more than 5 in your party (especially on weekends) you may want to call and make a reservation.

How much does it cost??

      We have a big variety of pieces that range in price from $7.00 to $80.00. Everything is priced by piece and depends mostly on the size of your piece. The price plus tax includes painting, glazing and firing of your piece. To give a better idea mugs range from $15-$24, plates from $12-$30 and banks from $21-$50 (depending on inventory). If you are bringing kids they LOVE our party animal figurines that are $18.oo.

How long does it take? Can I take it home today??

       The firing process takes about a week but can take up to 2 weeks depending on business (how busy we are). It is QUITE a process which we cannot speed up BUT if you need something sooner than later let us know and we will try our best to make that happen for you!!

Can you guarantee how my piece will look? I want it to be PERFECT!!!!

      Sorry but we cannot guarantee how things will turn out. Our crystal ball broke years ago... We can however help you with whatever you need to make your masterpiece and show you fun techniques, just ask- we've got tons of tricks.

"Pottery is not science but art. The point is to HAVE FUN. Love your piece with all your heart and you have truly won."

I forgot to pick up my piece, did you throw it away?!

      No way!!! We will hold your piece for at least a month (and call you to remind you). We understand that sometimes life happens, just let us know when you are planning to pick up and we are happy to hold it for you. We do however have limited space so if you leave it here long enough we have been known to donate them or add them to our orphan shelf....

Are you kid friendly?

      Of course!! We have tons of kid friendly pieces. Just keep an eye on the smaller ones, everything is breakable..

I'm not artistic at all... Can you make it for me?

      First of all YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY THAT! We are all artistic in our own ways. We do however offer custom painted pieces that make great gifts!!! Just ask!

Can I bring food or drinks?

      You can bring in food or drinks if you wish, you just won't be able to eat while painting, food fingers and pottery don't mix well. Also, please remember that Hot Pots does NOT allow alcohol.

Can I have a private party?

      Yes, if you have a club, class or group and would like to do a fun and crafty event we're here for ya!! Most times these type of events do happen outside of regular hours and may have additional fees, lets talk about it!!


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