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Hot Pots Holiday Ornament   Acrylic To-Go Kits

TGO kits with samples.jpg

We are so excited to offer our NEW Holiday Ornament Acrylic To-Go Kits!! This Holiday season may be a little less crowded but that doesn't mean it can't be fun and festive!! This kit allows you to paint in the comfort of your home and use a gloss sealer (instead of being glazed and fired) so there is no need to return them to Hot Pots! 

Kits include 4 ornaments (as pictured), paint, gloss sealer and instructions for only $35!! Meet us at the Farmers Market or other event to get yours or call today to schedule a delivery!

**This kit cannot be edited. We do however offer individual ornaments that can be painted, glazed and fired.**

TGO kits closed.jpg
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